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The Women's Court by muyany The Women's Court by muyany
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So I had to study for the las few months. Between boring and more boring I took breaks. These breaks I would sometimes spend on Doll Divine [link] Mainly I have made Katara dolls (on the AvatarSceneMkr [link]) and now that I have time, I’ve remade them so I was able to put them together. Originally they all stood on one line, but you couldn’t see a thing like that on Da. They each have their own function and attitude, but to explain that would take too long.

The Queen – The Herbalist – The Warriors – The Princess – The Opportunist - The Refugee
The Mother – The Acrobat – The Nomad – The Goddess – The Conman – The Sister
The Temptress – The Apprentice – The Servant – The Heroin – The Advisor – The Captain
The Daughter – The Teacher – The Priestess – The Physician – The Feral Child – The Falconer

The Mother is a servant who is called the Mother by everyone.
The Sister is the queen’s sister, she is pregnant.
There is a version of the Tempress without the cloak, I may replace the current one with that one at a later date.
The Daughter is also a Princess, but I didn’t want to have the same name twice.
The Priestess is actually the mother of the Queen.
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zaidam Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting how different they all look though they're the same girl. How many time did you spend (average) on one?
... I think my favourite's the Herbalist :)
muyany Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Actually the only thing they all have in common is the pose and the expression. And the expression I have manipulated through the make-up and hair, and eye colour...
I honestly don't know how long one takes, never quite messured it. I remember the Feral Child was 1 minute or so because I had been in the process of making another one when I got the idea. Some ideas came like that, others took more time and some were impossible. I actually redid the Conman several times (on completely different days) because I wasn't happy with it. I'm still not happy with it.
I like the Herbalist too. Since she was one of the first characters created I actually already wrote short summary of how she should be seen.

The Mysterious Herbalist:
A short woman, who literally and figuratively hides under many layers. At first sight she seems to be a friendly woman willing to help and simply fond of saying what she thinks. Some think her rude and consider some of her statements blasphemy or treason, others are convinced her more outrageous statements are not to be taken serious.

Yes, each character has an adjective that goes with them. I also like the teacher since she is the only one where I felt I truly managed tp combine clothing items from completely different colourshemes
zaidam Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I watched them first, then read your text beneath and then watched them again as I hadn't seen that they were the same (I just assumed that they were different), especially because I hadn't recognised Katara at first (:blushes:).
The conman doesn't look very dangerous to me, but that could have to do with the pose I think :confused:.

The Herbalist seems one of those characters that you know from the moment they're introduced that they're going to be fun... she makes me think of the mentor in Juniper (if you read that book).

The teacher... thinks of his sister dressed up like that and smiles :D... what adjective does she have?
muyany Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Hehe, mission accomplished! :evillaugh:
The Conman Isn't evil. Adjective is 'eager'. She's greedy and so would help along anything that helps bring in money. But she has a moral code and, though it may be a bit twisted and the lines that need crossing before something is 'bad' or 'evil'are not the same as ours, she will in the end still make the right choice when it matters most. She poses as a Priestess too and abuses people's trust that way, so if people choose not to believe her when the time for important disicions comes, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Originally I had made her as the Priestess, but every time I looked at her I felt she lacked something honest., no haven't read Juniper, or heard of it. I think we have excellent taste in characters ;)

...I'm sure that would be a very interesint lesson. She'll have the classes attention for sure. She has 'inexperienced' though I'd like to replace it with a synonym (like 'green' ;p ) She is rather young and has been newly appointed. She is only supposed to teach the Princess, the Daughter and the Feral Child, so perhaps the Tutor would fit better. Since the Princess has a Mental disorder, the Feral Child is a feral child and the Daughter has issues with authority, he job isn't easy either. She never blames any often and keeps smiling no matter the chaos the class is in by the end of the day. Most understand the task she has to undertake and cut her some slack most of the time. She's friends with the Physician since they are rather close in character.
zaidam Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
hehe :)
I didn't mean the evil kind of dangerous, just dangerous, as somebody you won't mess around with. Dressing like a priest... that one comes back when Jack Sparrow is about to be hanged in the first movie (Jack grins at the memory) :ahoy:... nevermind that

I couldn't agree more :). Juniper's a rather typical story about a girl being tutored by an old, strict but actually loving old woman (of course she doesn't show it) to become a Doran - or some similar word, means wise woman, set in a medieval world ;)). It was the first story with such a storyline I encountered.

No doubt about that... though the boys-in-love-with-her-issue wouldn't improve I guess :p.
Green :shamrock: would be a nice replacement ! I like her already... could you ask her how she keeps up putting a real smile on her face every day? (Could use that information for professional purposes ;))
muyany Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
hmmm...I don't know, sh's a fast runner and since she tends to have the law against her she rather often just avoids confrontations. It's just that you need to catch her doing something illegal.
....At first I had no clue what Jack had to do with this, then I saw him grin...yeah, I remember... hehe

...did anything else happen in this story because right now it doesn't really sound very interesting...Is 'doran' a made-up word or an actual one. I'm guessing made-up, but can't be sure.

....heheheso adorable. Somehow I'm reminded of this one carnival at elementaryschool where my brother was followed around by three girls dressed in pink princess dresses. He tried everything to get rid of them. I mainly laughed. And there was this one girl in Malta who follwed him into the little boys' room....and then she threw her arms around him in a hug...and her father caught that on tape...and I mainly laughed. If boys are that persistent, your sister better watches out.

Who says the smile is realy? Perhaps she has some deep emotional problems she only shares with her friend the physician. Or perhaps her smile only lasts as long as the class does.
zaidam Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I see... the sneaking around type :)... :D

... you shouldn't read it for the action (there is a climax of course, but I never found it impressive)... It's a children's book and it's well written (already told you it was the first time I read this type of book) so I give it some credit :) ... you wouldn't enjoy it very much now I'm afraid... I don't know whether I would, I refuse to reread the books I used to read in primary school... I think Doran's a made-up word, but I could be wrong of course...

hehehe :D... that is a great story... is there any possibility to see that footage :please: ?
... I think she can take that :p...

... That doesn't really matter, I have always liked people who manage to smile despite err... everything. They remind me of stories of the sad clown... or the film 'I am Sam' for some reason...
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